Governor Hochul to Grant Veteran Status to National Guard Members

Gov. Hochul meet Natl Guard Members

Photo: Don Pollard, Governor's Office, Flickr

On the anniversary of 9/11 Governor Kathy Hochul is proposing legislation that would allow National Guard members to qualify as veteran's under New York State law.

In my opinion, they never got the recognition they deserved. It's twenty years overdue, but I'm here to set that straight because I have seen what you've done. And I know what you continue to do. Some of you may have been there at the time, but those of you who also signed up after 9/11 I'll always be in awe of that.

The new legislation would make National Guard members eligible for certain benefits that had previously been unavailable. Hochul made the announcement on Saturday while visiting National Guard members at the Javits Center in Manhattan

The Governor also said she would sign legislation designating 9-11 operators and dispatchers as First Responders, giving them more access to federal grants and other benefits.

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