Chuck's Blog: Sheriff Clarke and Roseanne...Voices of Reason?

Stick with me on this.  A couple of controversial figures were involved in controversies this week that I think should be NON-controversies.  Did you get all that? 

Former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke spoke to law enforcement types at the convention center in Albany yesterday (Wednesday) and a bunch of people peacefully protested outside.  I have no problem with that.  Don't like Clarke?  Go ahead and peacefully protest.  God Bless America.  What I didn't like was the petition drive that attempted to get the speaking appearance cancelled.  That is simply un-American. 

Meanwhile, the TV show "Roseanne" this week featured an episode that reminded Kelly and me of the groundbreaking "All In The Family", shining light on difficult societal issues that most of us might like to ignore.  She took on Islamophobia in America, fearing her new, Muslim neighbors could be terrorists. Eventually she found out they were just people, more like us than different.  Of course, the short-sighted outrage industry immediately sprung into action.  One tweeter wrote, "This is tired.  Roseanne thinking her Muslim neighbors are terrorists isn't funny. Not even for a second."  This genius either didn't see the episode or just missed the point entirely.  Roseanne and her writers shed light on a real thing and in so doing helped open the door to dealing with it.  Denying its existence or simply ignoring it only perpetuates the problem.  Well done Roseanne. - Chuck 

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Chuck and Kelly

Chuck and Kelly

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