Wheel of Fortune Wheelmobile: 3rd Time's a Charm!

I posted previously that the Wheel of Fortune Wheelmobile was coming to Saratoga and that I would try my best to secure an audition because it is my lifelong goal to get onto the show. You can read about how to auditions work in my previous blog. 

Wheel of Fortune Auditions in Saratoga
Wheel of Fortune Auditions in Saratoga

The layout for this audition was a little different. I have been to two other auditions, one in Burlington and one in Syracuse. Both of those were held at a mall so the space wasn't an issue. At the Saratoga Casino Hotel, space is limited so you were ushered into one line in a banquet room before entering the game. There were three rounds played and for each game you were given a different color application and a hand stamp of a different letter.

After filling out the application everyone entered Vapor Nightclub where the games took place.

The games are a similar, but shortened version to what you see on t.v. Within each hour game, the Wheel of Fortune road team (No Pat or Vanna here) tries fitting in as many games as possible within the 1 hour game slot. Each round, 5 people are called up to play. They say that when your name is called that's when your audition starts, but when you are interviewed on stage, that's really your time to shine. We were told the worst thing you can do is say that you have no free time. So here we are, in the middle of the 3rd and final game and my name is finally called. After all these years, after all the driving, I finally had my chance to shine on stage to try and score my chance at a live show!

During your interview you're asked the basics... your name, what you do for a living, ect. You tell the audience (and judges) about yourself and your hobbies. And if you say the right or wrong hobby, you get to prove yourself to the crowd. We were taught Zumba, listened to karaoke, enjoyed ballroom dancing, laughed at bad dad dancing and cringed during not-so-funny comedy bits. I told everyone about my efforts to get on the show and teaching the game to my daughter, Mabel, who is one. After the 5 people on stage are introduced you get to play. The host spins the wheel in what is referred to as a lightning round. Prizes vary from hats to t-shirts to lunch boxes. I got a bag, pin and keychain. Each person then calls out 1 letter and is given 3 seconds to solve the puzzle and it keeps going until the puzzle is solved. And let me tell you, those 3 seconds go by so fast. In the end, I solved the puzzle... in my head. The guy before me got it. But they say that doesn't really matter. 

So now that the games are done, the judges go through the auditions and select people that they think would make for good tv for a secondary audition in the Albany area in a few months. They also say that they select names at random from all of the entries and they also get an audition. If that audition goes well, then you get on Wheel of Fortune and have a chance at some big money. 

Will I get on? Only time will tell.

- Producer Rachel

Chuck and Kelly

Chuck and Kelly

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