Happy Hour: Anonymous Donor Pays Off 4 Tax Bills

This is a tremendous story of charity and generosity without looking for any kind of praise or credit in return. Four people in Washington County were supposed to lose their homes on Saturday after falling behind on their taxes. But the auctions were called off at the last second when an anonymous benefactor paid the overdue taxes.   

In each case, the owners had paid one or two of the last three years of taxes — but complicated rules prevented them from paying the 2015 taxes unless they had enough money to pay two full years of taxes all at once. Unlike other counties, property owners in Washington County can’t make partial payments to reduce the balance accruing interest on their overdue taxes.  

One woman stepped up when she heard of the pending foreclosures and paid all four tax bills. She asked to stay anonymous, but told the county Treasurer that her husband recently died and she was using the life insurance funds to pay off strangers’ taxes. She says her late husband would be happy with her decision.

One of those who was rescued was 80 year old Kathleen Tompkins who's lived in her Hebron home for 40 years and she did not want to move. Her husband died eight years ago, and she hit financial difficulties, but she said she can now afford her future tax bills with some careful budgeting going forward. Of the anonymous benefactor she says she can only say thank you and , “I want to God bless her,” 

A woman in Georgia bought a 15 dollar vintage slide projector. When she got it home, she found it filled with family photos. The photos were old, and showed images of young girls smiling and their mother. 

She was determined to track the family down and return the slides to them. The story aired on CBS and within minutes, they got a call from the family who had been watching. 

The mom is now 88 years old. They were a military family that lived all over the world. The projector went missing somewhere along the way. And they are grateful to the woman who purchased it... and her determination to find them.

Not only did the woman return the slides to them, but she also gave them back the projector so that they can look at the slides whenever they want. 


This story is making its way around social media and for a good reason. 

A homeowner in Aurora, Colorado has a doorbell camera and it picked up something pretty great.

It shows two young siblings, 13 and 6, and a friend riding their bikes. They then make their way up to the door.

They rang the doorbell, but no one answered. So, they left a message on the video, telling the homeowner why they were there.

They had found a wallet by their car. It had 700 dollars in cash inside. The homeowner was so grateful, they decided to post the video of the kids to say thank you. 


And finally, a homeless guy in Florida was trying to find a job. He went to a McDonalds to apply for one, but looked pretty disheveled, dirty and with a thick beard. But, he went in and asked the manager about a job.

The manager told him that if could clean up, that he'd have a job Monday.  So, the guy went to try and shave his beard in the parking lot of a Circle K. He wasn't having much luck... until a Tallahassee Police Officer spotted him struggling to use an electric shaver. The officer helped to do it for him. He got him all cleaned up, making sure it looked good.

 The homeless man now has a job.


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