Should Mother's Cover Up While Breastfeeding?

It is a seemingly hot topic these days... mom's are out with their babies performing everyday life duties when nature calls and the baby gets hungry. So, she feeds her baby with her boob. 

Mom's are constantly being shamed for what seems to be this natural act... breastfeeding. Why are people so offended by the most natural act that a mother can do for her child? Why is the act of breastfeeding constantly sexualized? 

Recently, a mom was at a restaurant when her baby got hungry. She was asked to cover up. So she did.


Another mom was fulfilling her life dream of being a swimsuit model. After many delays, it was her turn to walk down the catwalk. Only one problem, her baby was hungry and she was breastfeeding. Well, Sports Illustrated didn't mind. They actually told her to bring the baby with her. And of course... Outrage!


And a local woman from Cobleskill was shopping in Walmart when her baby wanted to eat. She was told to cover up by another customer. 

*Warning: Graphic Language


Breastfeeding only became legal in all 50 states this year. Idaho and Utah were the last two states to hold on to the archaic law, but finally, through some opposition of course, made the move to legalize a mother being able to feed her child anytime, anywhere. 

But still, mothers are finding themselves having to sacrifice comfort or cleanliness (talking about bathroom feeding here) to make sure that other people aren't offended. 

Chuck, Diane and Rachel debated over whether or not mother's should take into account other people's feelings on the issue.


And if you need a little parent humor here's a podcast about the silly things parents find themselves doing because they are just so tired.


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