Stupid Criminals: Man with Gun Tattoo Arrested for Gun Possession

In South Carolina a guy crashed his Toyota Camry into a pole. He also has a giant tattoo of a gun on his forehead. And... he is one parole, so he's not allowed to have a gun.

When police got there they thought that maybe he may have a gun. Sure enough, they found one in the grass next to the car that belonged to the driver with the gun tattoo.

Proof again, that there is truth in advertising.

In Texas, a guy re-enacted a scene right out of Mission Impossible. He broke into a smoke shop and got down on the floor and slithered around like a snake to avoid the motion detectors. 

He managed to steal a thousand dollars in cash and merchandise. He then slithered right back out undetected. Even though he didn't trigger the motion detectors, it was still picked up on surveillance video.

Chuck and Kelly

Chuck and Kelly

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