Chuck's Blog - To The Trump Op-Ed Author: You're A Coward, Not A Hero

I could not believe my ears and eyes last night (Wednesday).  The talking heads on Fox and MSNBC were actually in complete agreement.  They, as I, believe the "Senior White House Official" who wrote an anonymous Op-Ed piece published in the New York Times is a coward who has done the country a disservice.  Predictably, any agreement between Fox and MSNBC ended there. MSNBC wanted the official to put his or her name on the Op-Ed and resign, surmising it would be more effective in kicking President Trump from office.  Fox sees the writer as a traitor, a whiner, and possibly a "never Trumper" who's upset that the president has been "winning" by taking on establishment Washington. 

I consider the author gutless, someone who may well be more worried about his or her legacy than the current state of our nation.  He/she says the president is not really in control and that he is unstable and ineffective.  He/she says cabinet members have whispered about invoking the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office.  He/she also is quick to take credit (along with the other "heroes" in the West Wing) for any successes Trump has had (effective deregulation, tax cuts, a more robust military). 

What has he/she accomplished?  As well as embarrassing us on the global stage, he/she has potentially created an angrier and justifiably more paranoid President and despite the attempt to provide "comfort in this chaotic era", has done just the opposite. 

Diane Donato (in for Kelly this morning) and I talked about the mole, the NY Times and the implications moving forward.  - Chuck 

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Chuck and Kelly

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