Stupid Criminals: Burglar Gets Stuck in Manure

Photo: Stearns County Sheriff’s Department 

Police in Minnesota got a call about a burglary at a farm. When the police arrived, they found that the burglar hadn't gotten very far. In fact, his pickup truck was still on the property. Why? Because he tried to drive off with a truck full of stolen lumber, but got stuck in a pile of manure. He got out and tried to runaway but sunk, waist deep, into the manure... and he lost his shoes in the process.

At that point, he gave up. He called the police on himself. When they got there, he was standing next to the pile, barefoot, shoe-less and covered in manure, smoking a cigarette. 

They hosed him off and brought him down to the police station - which they say still reeks like manure.

You may have seen this already but, in Charleston, West Virginia a news team pretty much imploded last weekend. A news anchor at the NBC station accused her Meteorologist co-worker of hitting on her husband at a bar and well... the weather girl responded by shoving the news girl. They ended up in a full blown cat fight and the news anchor ended up with a fractured skull and a ruptured ear drum. 

The weather woman was arrested for battery and they have both been fired from the news station. But, they were able to pretend to get along on air. 


A shoe store in Virginia was broken into twice over the summer; once in June and once in July. A bunch of shoes were stolen, but, they were all right feet! They only took the shoes on display and never went in the stockroom to grab the match or a full set.

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