Happy Hour: Boy Saves Young Girls After Car Crash

Photo: WNYT

A local 15 year old is being hailed as a hero on Facebook and elsewhere after coming to the rescue of two young girls trapped in an SUV. Anthony Powers was on his way to soccer practice earlier this month when he saw the SUV hit by another car on Route 147 in Galway. The SUV veered off the road, into a ditch and started smoking.  Not knowing if anyone was still inside the vehicle, he ran toward it... against the wishes of his mother who was driving him to practice.

Powers saw the woman who was driving the SUV in the back seat. She was bleeding but able to get herself out while Anthony helped get the girls to safety.

There were some minor injuries but everyone is fine. Not surprisingly perhaps, Anthony hopes some day, to be a firefighter. 


Facebook recently brought two people together after 50 years. They were friends as kids when they met at 7 and 9. The little boy had a huge crush on the little girl all through school, but never said anything. His knew about his crush but told him there was too much of an age difference so he should forget about it.

Now, the two are in their 60's and reconnected on Facebook a few years ago. They hit it off, started dating and now are married. The school they went to is now a community center, so that's where they decided to get married. 


And finally, a couple that pranks together, stays together. A woman pranked her husband last month, telling him that they won the lottery. She told him she won $300,000 then laughed at him when he believed her.

Then, last week she called him at work and claimed they won an even bigger jackpot... 1.3 million dollars. He was sick of the joke at that point so he handed the phone off to a co-worker. But as it turns out, she wasn't pranking him. They did actually win the lottery... for 1.3 million dollars!

You can see their photo with that great big check, here.

Chuck and Kelly

Chuck and Kelly

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