Stupid Criminals: Clerk at Weed Dispensary Fights Off Burglars with Bong

A guy was arrested last week in West Virginia after huffing a can of spray paint.

Police say he was huffing silver paint, then got into a fight with his mom and hit her with a spatula. Yes, he's 30 and still lives at home with his mom. When police showed up, his face was covered in silver paint.

Here's his mug shot. 

Photo: West Virginia Regional Jail

This guy was also arrested back in 2015 for huffing paint and kicking a cop. He made our stupid criminals back then too because he told them his name was "Casdorph the Destroyer". 

A guy in Virginia was at the grocery store last weekend when he was observed in the produce department... enjoying himself a little bit too much. Store workers saw him drop his pants and rub different pieced of produce on his butt and then put them back on the shelves. 

He was arrested and charged with indecent exposure. The grocery store had to throw out a ton of produce after that. 

Photo: Manassas City Police Department

3 Robbers went into a Canadian marijuana dispensary and attacked the clerk. The clerk responded by using whatever was available to fend them off. And he grabbed a glass bong and started swinging at them until they finally gave up and ran off. 

Chuck and Kelly

Chuck and Kelly

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