Stupid Criminals: Guy Jumps Off Overpass to Avoid DWI Checkpoint

A 71 year old guy and his best friend of more than 50 years were hanging out last week when they got into a fight over Bruno Mars. A song was on the radio; one said it was Bruno Mars, the other said it wasn't. The friend went to look it up to prove he was right. That's when the guy took a gun out..

The friend told him he was too chicken to use it... so, he pistol whipped him and the gun went off. The friend then took a swing at him and the gun went off again.

Nobody was hurt, but the guy with the gum was charged with criminal recklessness. There is no word on what song they were arguing about - but it was indeed, Bruno Mars. 

Photo: Johnson County Sheriff

A guy was driving down the highway in China when he saw a DWI checkpoint and freaked out. He was afraid he'd fail the test so he pulled his car over, left it on the side of the road and tried to get away by jumping off an overpass. He broke his leg and the police had to take him to the hospital. 

When the hospital checked him... he was completely sober. 

Chuck and Kelly

Chuck and Kelly

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