Stupid Criminals: Milli Vanilli Look-A-Likes Rob Gyms

A guy in Maryland tried to break into a restaurant. His plan was was to throw a brick through the window in front of the counter so he could get back there and rob the place. But, he didn't realize the window was made of bullet proof glass. So, when he threw the brick, it bounced off the window and hit him square in the face. He went down immediately and stayed there for a few minutes before running off empty handed. He did get away, but not before surveillance cameras caught everything on video.


A man in Texas was wanted for drug possession. Police put an old mugshot on Facebook. The guy saw it and wasn't happy. So, he posted "Why can't y'all use a recent picture. I'll be in so y'all can do that." And he meant it. He turned himself in to get a new, updated mugshot. But, it's really just as bad as the first one.


Photo: Randall County Sheriff's Office

In New Hampshire, police posted some surveillance photos of a trespassing suspect they were looking for. He looks JUST LIKE Eminem! So, of course the internet jumped all over that. People were commenting with Eminem lyrics like "Will the real slim shady please fess up." Police later posted an update that read "The subject has been identified, and we can confirm it is NOT Marshall Mathers".


And finally, police in Ohio are on the hunt for two thieves who have used fake id's to get memberships to at least a half dozen gyms. Once inside, they use bolt cutters to get into lockers and steal a bunch of stuff.

Their main features are that both of them look oddly similar to Milli Vanilli. 

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