A Collection of Listener Comments

On an almost daily basis, Chuck and I are accused of being either a far left libtard or an ultra-conservative wingnut. We think we are pretty much down the middle. Yes, we have opinions, and yes we share them openly. But they don’t fall squarely on the right or the left. There are some issues I’m slightly left on, some issues I’m slightly right on, and some I’m right in the middle.

Here are a small collection of the emails we have received recently. Clearly, we must be somewhere in the middle, because we have an equal number of people claiming we are on the right, as we do on the left.

From Carl:

Chuck and Kelly Liberal to the core they need to get in touch with the real New Yorkers Living in a fantasy world behind the microphone

From Joseph:

Nice to have a more conservative side of the news as opposed to all the liberal stuff out there!

From Joe:

Quite a few people in my office listen to Chuck & Kelly on our morning drives in, and we’ve all noticed the same thing. They are both left-wingers, and their bias is becoming more and more evident. 

From Scott:

Trump apologist hypocrites.

From Nancy:

Please knock it off with bashing our President. Keep it to the facts without the false elaboration. I don’t care if you say you disagree with him, but stop adding to the elaboration. Everyone has a right to clarify what they said. The Democrats are whipping up the hysteria.

So, as much as we laugh every time one comes in, we actually do consider it sort of a litmus test. If those on the right think we are liberal and those on the left accuse us of being conservative, I think we’re doing just fine.

- Kelly

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Chuck and Kelly

Chuck and Kelly

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