Pro Tip: Don’t Dress Your Kid Up As Hitler For Halloween

Bryant Goldach of Owensboro, Kentucky’s a front-runner for the “Father of the Year” award after using historically bad judgement when it came to picking out the family Halloween costume theme this year. This year, he thought it would be some harmless fun to dress himself up as a Nazi SS Officer and his five-year-old son as Adolf Hitler.

At first, on social media posts that’ve since been removed, Goldach defended his decision against those who took issue with it. He claimed that anyone who knows him knows that he’s a history buff, and “often dress the part of historical figures.” Then, he upped his game by saying, “Tonight as we walked we saw people dressed as murderers, devils, serial killers, blood and gore of all sorts. Nobody batted an eye. But my little (son) and I, dress as historical figures, and it merits people not only making snide remarks, but approaching us and threatening my little five-year-old boy.”

As the backlash continued, Goldach finally realized the magnitude of his problem when he learned that “Twitter is full of Nazi apologists and idiots who can't differentiate between dressing as a spooky ghost and dressing as a literal Nazi and drawing a Hitler moustache on a child." To his credit, though, he did finally own the problem and offered up an apology and the following thought: "I think it was in bad taste for me to let my child to wear that, probably for me to wear that. It didn't occur to me. I thought it was a bad decision on my part." Lesson learned…hopefully.

Source: LAD Bible

Photo: Facebook/Bryant Goldbach

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