Stupid Criminals: Man Steals Credit Card and Dresses in Drag to Buy Dog

Photo: Largo Police Department

A guy in Florida really, really wanted a french bulldog. But, he couldn't afford it. The dog cost $4,000. So, he stole a credit card and dressed up as a woman.

Apparently, he made a pretty convincing woman and the pet store sold him the dog. It's not clear how he got caught but police did manage to find him.


A guy in China tried to rob a store at knife point... but, it didn't go exactly as planned. The robber walked in wearing a surgical mask and then stands at the counter while the cashier bag his groceries. Then, he pulls out the knife and the cashier and him start fighting. The two move out of the frame for a few seconds, but when they come back into view, the robber does not have the knife and is being pummeled by the cashier.

The shop owners wife called police and by the time they got there, the robber was knocked out cold on the floor. 


Finally, a postal worker was just busted for stealing over a half million dollars worth of stamps. He'd steal them from work, then sell them online at a discount. Over the course of 7 years, he stole a total of $630,000 worth of stamps and sold them on eBay. If we're talking "Forever" Stamps, that means he stole over 1.2 million of them. 

And, he wasn't even caught by the post office! PayPal and eBay noticed him selling large quantities of stamps and notified them. 

 Turns out, he was spending the money in casinos, funding his gambling habit. He's now in jail and is accused of one of the largest thefts by a postal worker in U.S. history. 

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