Stupid Criminals: Cops Make Arrest While Escorting Santa

Two officers in Florida were escorting Santa and Mrs. Claus to a tree lighting at a shopping mall. When they were walking through the parking lot, they spotted some people trying to steal a tire from a car. When the car was searched, the cops discovered that they had shoplifted stuff from six stores inside the mall. So, the cops were able to pull off a full ceremonial police escort for Santa and Mrs. Claus and arrest four people at the same time. In other words, spreading holiday cheer while busting a couple of Scrooges. 

 Photo: Daytona Beach Police Dept.

In Connecticut, a guy was stopped for distracted driving around 6am. The cop says he saw the guy talking on a cell phone and gave him a $300 ticket. He says he wasn't on the phone, but that he was actually eating hash browns, in the wrapper. 

He's fighting the ticket. He has call logs that show he wasn't on the phone and his car had a Bluetooth sp even if he was on the phone, it was have been hands free anyway.

In spite of that, a judge found him guilty anyway. He is so adamant that he is innocent that he is requesting a re-trial. This time, he hired a lawyer for $1,000... which is about the same amount that his insurance went up because of the ticket. So, at this point it may have been cheaper to just pay it.

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