Stupid Criminals: Woman Caught in Hot Water After Escaping Jail

In Philadelphia, a woman went into a deli to try and buy beer. But, she didn't have any money so the owner said no. She was enraged that she couldn't get free beer so she grabbed a can of hairspray and a lighter and improvised a blowtorch. Well, she torched a bunch of items with the huge flame and then took off. But, not before the incident was caught on video.

A woman was busted in Ohio for heroin possession. She was in jail, but managed to escape. But, she wasn't dressed for the weather and it was below freezing out.

About three hours later, police got a call from a senior center saying that someone in a yellow jumpsuit was sitting in their hot tub. And when police arrived, she was sitting there... in the hot tub... in her bright yellow jumpsuit. 

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