Stupid Criminals: Kidnapper Chases Woman into Karate Studio


In North Carolina, a man tried to kidnap a woman at a strip mall. He tried to force her into his car, but she was able to run away. But he followed her. It isn't clear if this was intentional or just good look but the first place she ran to was a Karate studio. And he followed her there too.

She told the head instructor that she was about to be kidnapped. You can imagine what happens next. Yeah... the guy who was trying to abduct her ran in and ended up coming out on a stretcher. 

Photo: Charlotte Police

Correction officers often find things on inmates, and often in unpleasant places. Well, a guy in Florida was trying to smuggle some things into jail. He was trying to smuggle in syringes... in the most uncomfortable place you can imagine.

And, when he was caught he said "they weren't his".

Okay... if you put something into one of your body cavities for safe keeping... it is officially yours. Ain't nobody gonna want that back!

Photo: Pinella County Sheriff's Office

We talk a lot about border security and drug smuggling... well, border agents in Singapore just stopped a smuggler trying to get across the border.

Turns out, he was smuggling kittens... in his pants. Four of them to be exact. And they weren't small kittens either, but they are cute. 

 He could be looking at up to a year in jail.

Photo: Facebook/Immigration and Checkpoints Authority

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