Stupid Criminals: Woman Beats Boyfriend with Frozen Pork Chop

A Schenectady man was arrested recently for attempting to sell drugs to a cop. He accidentally sent a cop a text and showed up to the Taco Bell in Rotterdam with 20 Oxycodone pills. He had the cop's number from prior encounters with police and the cop played along and agreed to meet him for the deal. The guy is now facing drug charged.

A woman and her boyfriend got into a fight in Florida. It's not clear what started the fight, but it ended with her hitting him in the face... with a frozen pork chop. She's been charged with assault.

And finally, in South Carolina two cops were responding to a drug complaint when a guy came up to them asking for help. He said his car had died and asked if they'd give him a jump. When they got there, they found out the ignition key was actually broken. They ran the plates and found out he had stolen the car.

And... while all that was going on another guy wanted to see what was going on. The cops then realized he had an outstanding warrant as well. So, in the span of a few minutes, they arrested two criminals who approached them.

Chuck and Kelly

Chuck and Kelly

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