Why You Should Skip Restaurants On Valentine's Day

The cards, candy and flowers have been bought and tonight millions of couples will go out to a special dinner for Valentine’s Day. But you know what’s better than heading to a restaurant on this holiday evening? Staying in and cooking yourselves. And this is why.

  • You don't have to worry about all that restaurant stuff - Take the stress out of your Valentine’s night dinner by skipping the restaurant. At home there are no reservations required, no wait, and no expensive cocktails.
  • Special Valentine’s Day menus really aren’t that special - Your choices are often really limited to a few options, prices may be jacked up, and that free glass of sparkling wine they give you as a bonus for your overpriced meal? Average at best.
  • You’ll have to see and deal with other humans at a restaurant - This is the holiday for celebrating your feelings for your special person or for having fun with your friends, but either way, you don’t need to spend it in a crowded bistro with a bunch of other couples when you could be at home enjoying quality time with your Valentine.
  • You can’t hear your date in a crowded restaurant - If you have to shout to communicate across the table, so does everyone else and that’s not the way you want to spend the evening.
  • No one wants to wait on your table on Valentine’s Day - Your server, bartender, and hostess would all rather have the night off to do whatever they want than work tonight.
  • Everything costs less at home - Valentine’s Day might not be the time to focus on saving money, but think about what you could do with all the money you’d save not ordering the overpriced bottle of bubbly at the restaurant when you can get it for $20 at your wine shop.
  • It’s the act of cooking that counts - Planning the menu, shopping for the food and wine, lighting the candles, setting the table and making the lasagna or chocolate cake all mean so much more than even the fanciest Valentine’s Day dinner at a restaurant. Anyone can go out to eat, but cooking really shows you care.

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