Happy Hour: Inmates Break Into Car to Save Baby

Sometimes, it's the little things that mean an awful lot. Cohoes Middle School Principal Dan Martinelli got caught in the act during last week's big snowstorm. In fact, a staffer even took pictures of him. Martinelli took it upon himself to clear the snow off his staff's vehicles... all 35 of them. 

Martinelli apparently does stuff like that all the time and never looks to take any credit for it. 


Here's a crazy story... A couple locked their keys inside their car outside a courthouse. But... their one year old daughter was still inside. They were surrounded by police officers, but none of them had the right tool to unlock the car.

But, there were a bunch of inmates on work release nearby, As it turns out one of them had experience stealing cars and someone had a wire hanger in their car. So, the inmate was able to use it to get the car door open for them... under supervision of course. They were able to get the girl out unharmed.


And finally, a woman desperately needed a new car but couldn't afford one. She's working two jobs to put herself through nursing school and has been borrowing cars to get to work. She finally went to a dealership to try and buy a new car for herself but left in tears because everything was out of her price range.

Meanwhile, there was a guy there who was looking at new BMW's. He was upgrading from his Toyota Scion and heard the whole thing. After she left, he told the sales guy to call her and tell her to come back. She did, and instead of trading in his scion, he gave it to her. She didn't believe him at first, but he signed over the title right then and there.

Chuck and Kelly

Chuck and Kelly

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