Stupid Criminals: Woman Dresses as Gorilla to Catch Perv


An Australian woman has a rather unusual way to fight crime. A woman was flashed by a man in a park several times. He had been doing it to other women too but police had been unable to catch him. So... she did the only logical thing she could think of. She put on a full gorilla costume and sat in the park waiting for him. Her plan was to be inconspicuous... and somehow it worked. He came by again so she took out her phone and took pictures of him.


You can see more photos on Instagram.

You may remember a few weeks ago when that video surfaced of a guy licking doorbells. Well, apparently it has become an epidemic. Another video has surfaced. You can see it here... if you want to.

Also in Florida, just because Valentine's Day is over, doesn't mean the romance has to end.

Over the weekend, a woman got drunk, stripped down and tired to get her fiance into bed. But... he wasn't interested. And she didn't take the rejection very well. She wound up hitting him, scratching him and ripping his shirt. And when the cops got there, she was still there, naked and all.

Photo: Instagram

Chuck and Kelly

Chuck and Kelly

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