Happy Hour: School Sends Leftover Lunch Home with Needy Kids

We start this week in Indiana where a school district is trying something new to help students in need. They noticed that so much of their lunch food was going to waste. They were just throwing it away. They also knew that many of the kids in their district would go home on Friday, not knowing if they would have a decent meal again until they got back to school on Monday. So, They did some research, and found a catering company that now comes to the school three times a week, and packages up all the leftovers into meals that can be frozen and re-heated. Every Friday, kids who need them, go home with 8 pre-packed meals that just need to be re-heated. It solves the problem of the food waste, and feeds the kids who need it, at the same time.


In Nebraska, historic flooding has wiped out many homes. One woman is trying to do whatever she can to help. Payless shoes is closing, and has massive discounts. So, she bought out every single pair of shoes left in the store in her town including mens, womens and childrens… and she is donating them to the people who lost all their belongings in the flooding. Payless dropped their prices to a dollar a pair and she negotiated with the manager to get the entire remaining stock. If she had paid retail.. it would have cost her 6-thousand dollars, but due to the liquidation sale, and the manager’s additional discount, she bought out the entire store for just 100 dollars.


And finally, in Massachusetts a baby was born to a drug addicted mother and was removed from the home at just two months old. The mother gave up her rights and the baby has been living at the Franciscan children’s hospital, as a ward of the state for the last five months. She was living there- for five months- without a single visitor. The nursing director said that one day she was visiting the children's hospital and learned about her story. She decided then and there to become her foster parent. Since then, the baby’s parents have terminated their parental rights and that allowed the nurse to adopt the baby as her own.

Chuck and Kelly

Chuck and Kelly

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