Stupid Criminals: Woman Moons Passengers After Being Kicked off Flight

A woman on board a spirit airlines flight was unruly and got kicked off the flight. But, she didn't go quietly. When she noticed other passengers recording her, she responded by twerking... and then mooning the entire plane. When people started heckling her, she started started challenging them to fight. Mostly, people just wanted her to leave so, when she did, they cheered.


And another video that has gone viral... a thief was attempting to rob a store... armed with a hammer. But, the store employee was prepared and sprayed him in the face with pepper spray and then ran and hid inside the walk in cooler. The thief, blinded by the pepper spray stumbles around for a bit until another customer in the store comes up and starts beating him with a chair. And you can see the video here.

It's always a good thing to have a written business plan... except for if you're a drug dealer. A guy got pulled over and police found heroin and meth in his car. Not only that, but they also found a notebook detailing how much cash he would need to stock his inventory, ways to recoup the cash, rules to follow and how to outsmart the police.

He also had a plan b in case the whole drug dealing thing fell through, and that was to steal from stores and re-sell the items. Plan c was to rob other drug dealers.

And finally, two guys showed up at an emergency room in Arkansas complaining of chest pain and severe bruising, but, they weren't having heart attacks. They claimed they were paid 200 dollars to protect an "asset" and they got into a shootout while they were guarding it.

Finally, they fessed up to what really happened. They got so drunk that they decided it would be a great idea to test out some bulletproof vests by shooting each other. But, apparently getting shot hurts, so they took themselves to the hospital.

As it turns out... it's illegal and they're looking at 6 years in jail.

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