Happy Hour: Stratton VA Hospital Provides Comfort with Robot Pets

We all know pets are used for therapy at hospitals and nursing homes and the Stratton VA Hospital uses them too, but now at Stratton they've gone an extra step to give comfort to vets with dementia. Each one gets their own very realistic looking and acting... robotic cat or dog. Stratton started the program with 3 robot pets and it's worked so well, thanks to a bunch of donations, they've added a ton more giving those vets much joy. 

Caitlin Holley, a clinical psychologist, said the pets help with agitation, restlessness, anxiety and mental health issues: 


In Las Vegas, nothing good usually happens when someone gets blackout drunk. The exception... a guy from Minnesota. He was hanging out at Planet Hollywood and drank so much he blacked out. He ended up throwing down a hundred bucks on a crazy bet involving three different sporting events.

He bet on the NCAA tournament, an NBA game and an NHL game. Then, he passed out and missed all of the games.

When he woke up he didn't even remember placing the bet. Until he found out that he won over $26,000.


And finally, national siblings day was last week and one family grew exponentially. There is a couple in Kansas City who already has 10 kids. Most of them are foster kids and they just took in 7 more. All seven of the newest family members are biological siblings ranging in ages from 3 to 13. They showed up for court for the official adoption last week.


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