Happy Hour: Man Pays for Teens Dinners, If they Stay Off Their Phones

Teenagers taking selfie with cell phone before prom

A group of teens were out to dinner before their prom. They were all decked out in gowns and tuxes when their waiter came over and told them that a man had offered to pay for all of their dinners. But there was a catch. They had to stay off their phones for the entire meal.

The teens agreed and handed over their phones to the server. They actually enjoyed each other's company and conversation during dinner. And at the end of the evening, an elderly man stopped by their table to tell them they were a beautiful group that reminded him of himself when he was younger. They have no idea who the man is but, they took to Facebook to thank him for his generosity... and for teaching them that you really can have a good time without technology.


A shelter dog named Oliver showed up in a family's backyard in Memphis and wouldn't leave. They called animal control, believing his had a home because he was so smart and loved treats and food. He even carries his bowl around with him. But, his family never claimed him. He had not been adopted and was on the list for euthanization. He had just hours to go when someone came in and adopted him thanks to a post on Facebook that was shared 9,000 times.


A guy in Chicago was just honored for his actions. He was on his way home from work when he saw an accident and pulled over to see if anyone needed help. They did. A man asked if he could give them a ride to the hospital. The driver found out that not only was the man he was driving a doctor, but that he had boxes containing donated organs that were on the way to a waiting patient. They made it in time to use the organs.

He says he was just in the right place at the right time.


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