How To Lose Man Boobs

Fat men with hair all over the body

Man boobs. Moobs. They suck. And whether they come from weight gain or something else, all any guy wants is to get them gone. The medical name for the condition is “pseudogynecomastia” and it’s simply defined as fat that’s accumulated on a guy’s chest. What to do? There are a few things.

  • Eating less food than you’re able to burn off in a day’s a great start. Combine that with some cardio and chest-centered strength training.
  • But if yours come result from “gynecomastia” where the moobs are caused by a deficiency of testosterone and/or increased estrogen in your system. It could be from meds. Either way, hit up your doctor. S/he can figure out the best plan to get your hormones back on track through some form of medical intervention.
  • If nothing else works, there’s also good, old-fashioned cosmetic surgery.

Just pay attention to your diet and exercise routine so that you aren’t inviting the “boob fairy” to cast a spell on your pecs.

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