Stupid Criminals: Woman Pulls Alligator From Her Pants During Traffic Stop

Police pulled over a car for blowing through a stop sign. A man was driving and a woman was in the passenger seat. They let police search their car and they found a bag with 41 turtles inside. When the police asked if they had anything else, the woman reached inside her pants and pulled out a footlong baby alligator.

They told police that they had been collecting animals near an overpass. But, they violated the limits for reptiles so they got a ticket.


A video has gone viral of a car thief in Oklahoma. A couple had taken their car to a car wash. The man was standing by the vacuum and the woman was working on the passenger side when a thief just hopped in and started pulling away. The man tried to get back into the car, but couldn't. The woman grabbed onto the side and then ran alongside it, but eventually gave up.


And in Florida,a guy was drunk and driving his lawn mower down the street. His joyride came to an end when he slammed right into the back of a police car. The officer wasn't in the car at the time but when he came back out, the guy had an excuse ready.

He said it wasn't his fault that he crashed into the car and that it only happened because he was drunk.

His blood alcohol level was .24, which is 3 times the legal limit. His license has been suspended for 41 years because of past dwis.

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