Stupid Criminals: Great Grandma Fights off Would Be Robber with Bat

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A great grandma in Florida went on step further to protect her belongings from a thief. She heard some noises in the middle of the night, looked outside and saw a 300lb man trying to break into her car. So, she opened the front door and yelled at him.

He came charging after her, so she grabbed a baseball bat and whacked him with it.He eventually took off, but police nabbed him in the parking lot a short time later.


A guy was wanted by police in Connecticut but he failed to show up in court and now he has a warrant out for his arrest. He offered the police a deal. He told them he would turn himself in if his wanted poster got 15,000 likes.

Well, it did, in less than a day. But so far, he has not upheld his end of the deal.


A man in Washington accidentally shot himself... in the groin. As he was wheeled into surgery, a bag of weed fell out of his body. Yes. He was concealing a bag of weed in his body, in a state where it's already legal.

When police checked his car, they also found meth. So, after surgery he had to go turn himself in... and he was caught with another bag of weed hidden inside his body, trying to sneak it into jail.

He's pleaded not guilty to all charges.

And finally a guy led police on a chase in Indiana. At one point, he approached a bridge that was out. So... he decided to jump it. But, it didn't work and he got stuck on some exposed beams on the bridge. So, he bailed. But, he left behind his prosthetic leg wearing a green croc.

Police are still trying to hunt him down, but since he's on the run with just one leg they think they might find him soon. All they need to do it look for the other croc.

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