Stupid Criminals: Drunk Woman Riding Down Street in Power Wheels Truck

A woman in South Carolina was arrested when police caught her driving drunk. She wasn't charged with DWI though, because she was driving a kids motorized power wheels toy truck. She was however charged with public intoxication.

A guy broke into a hair salon in Pennsylvania and stole some cigarettes and the cash register. By the time the police arrived, he was gone. But, they noticed some coins on the floor and realized the burglar must have dropped them. Then, they found some more... and more... and more.

They kept following the trail of money to an old abandoned building where they found him hiding inside. He was arrested for burglary.

In Israel, a guy robbed two banks.. successfully... with an avocado. He painted it black and told the tellers that it was a grenade. And yes, it worked. Twice. The first time he got away with about 5 grand and the second time about $3500.

Police couldn't id him at first because he was wearing a hat and glasses. But after checking cell phone activity at the bank, they were able to determine that his number was the only one that was active at both locations, so they were able to make an arrest.

Photo: Israel Police

Finally, a guy was pulled over in Florida. Officers noticed some white powder on his nose, so they ran a field test on it. Turns out it was cocaine.

He proceeded to tell police it wasn't his. But he was also caught with several bags of it, along with weed and xanax.

Photo: Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office

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