HOA Tells Veteran's Widow to Remove American Flag

Low Angle View Of American Flag Waving Against Clear Blue Sky

Low Angle View Of American Flag Waving Against Clear Blue Sky

82-year-old grandmother and great-grandmother Donna Cordero is a proud American. Her 2 husbands were both in the military, as well as her sons. She lives in a retirement community of about 4,000 houses - all of them brown. Back in February, emergency responders were in the area for a call. One firefighter as Cordero why no one had house numbers painted on the curb. Curious herself, she asked the homeowners association. They told her that they had no one to do it and it would be her responsibility to hire someone to do it, if she wanted them.

So, when a company came through the neighborhood offering to paint the numbers on the curb for $20, she quickly had it done. They also offered her an artistic painted graphic as well. She chose the American Flag.

During a routine patrol of the properties, a HOA inspector saw the flag and notified Cordero that it must be removed stating that putting decorative artwork on the curb violates the HOA policy.

While others in her neighborhood obliged leaving mismatched numbers on the curb, Cordero refused. The HOA says that it isn't about the flag, but instead about added decorations to the property. Eventually, her son did paint over the flag.

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