Stupid Criminals: Man Robs Cars in Nothing But a Sports Bra

Police in Florida received several reports of a man breaking into cars. But, not only that, he was wearing only a sports bra. He was spotted getting in and out of cars and trucks and then just left the area when he was done. They don't know who he is, but they are hoping someone will recognize him... or the bra.

And apparently, that guy has a friend in Georgia. Police are looking for a man who has robbed several waffle houses wearing different women's wigs. His m.o. is to pass a note to the waitress demanding cash. It has worked at a number of waffle houses, a CVS, a Walgreens, Dollar General and PNC Bank. In the most recent incident though. The server read the note, started screaming and ran back into the kitchen. The guy up and left empty handed.

Finally, in Houston, police are looking for two men who robbed a Subway shop at gunpoint. They made off with... one cookie.

They walked in, ordered one cookie, paid for it and asked for it to be heated up. Then one guy put his hand in his pocket and made it look like a gun and asked for the money in the register. The worker said he knew it wasn't a real gun, so the guy responded by saying "The cookie or the money?" So, the worker put another cookie in a bag and handed it to him and they ran off.

Finally in Tennessee a couple of guys got into a fight at a home and during the argument, one of the guys took a bathroom break. While he was sitting in there, the other guy told him he had rigged a pressure sensitive bomb to the toilet that would go off when he stood up.

He believed him and called the police. The entire neighborhood of about 300 people were evacuated, while this guy sat on the toilet. The other guy finally admitted there wasn't really a bomb there, it was just something he remembered from a scene in Lethal Weapon 2 with Danny Glover and Mel Gibson.

But unlike lethal weapon, there was no bomb and the guy who made the threat was taken for a mental evaluation

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