Happy Hour: Mohon Students Host Bottle Drive for Music Program

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A job well done by kids at Mohonasen over the weekend as they took it upon themselves to help finance their marching band music program while helping clean up the environment along the way. They collected bottles and cans for their Fall bottle drive. A big budget shortfall has threatened the music programs at Mohon and the money raised in the the bottle drive will go toward field trips, instrument repairs, band competitions, and scholarships for seniors. 

The Mohonasen Marching Band will have their home show showcase on Saturday at the high school. The event starts at 6:00 PM and is open to the public.

A Florida fourth grader is a huge fan of the University of Tennessee. He wanted to wear the orange colors to school for "College Colors Day", but he didn't own a Tennessee shirt. So, he made one himself. He drew the U-T logo on a sheet of paper and pinned it to his orange t-shirt. He proudly went to school, but was teased about his homemade shirt. He was devastated.

Word got back to Tennessee about what happened, so they sent him a huge box of official sway. But, they didn't stop there. They took his hand-drawn logo and made it into an "Official College T-shirt" that they are selling at the college campus, with the money going to an anti-bullying foundation. They have sold over 16,000 shirts.

You may remember Bob Ross. He was a painter who had a show on PBS for years. He had a giant fro and spoke in a soothing voice, teaching people to paint happy little trees and pretty little birds.

In Michigan, hundreds of volunteers have been planting more than 1-thousand "Happy Little Trees" to replace damaged and diseased trees. The "Happy Little Trees" started as saplings grown by prison inmates and then used by the state parks commission for reforestation.

Finally, there is a six year old boy who had been saving up all his money to go to Disney. He had been saving for a whole year before decided to take that money and use it to buy hot dogs, chips and supplies to feed evacuees escaping Hurricane Dorian.

Disney caught wind of it and sent a team of volunteers with balloons, on board a Disney bus, to the kids house, to surprise and thank him with a free trip to Disney.

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