Stupid Criminals: Teen Sets Apartment on Fire Burning Exes Love Letters

Ex-Love Letter

Ex-Love Letter

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A teenager in Nebraska recently broke up with her boyfriend. She decided to take all of the love letters he had written her and burn them. Then, she laid down to take a nap. When she woke up, she discovered that the letters set the carpet on fire and her apartment was in flames.

She escaped, but she's been charged with negligent burning.

In Louisiana, a prostitute was at work when she met a client at a motel. He agreed to pay her money and crack cocaine. But after they finished, he was furious and demanded a refund because he said she didn't provide "services"

He wouldn't let her leave the motel room, so she called police. They were both arrested. Her for prostitution, him for solicitation and drug possession.

Police in California were chasing a guy who violated an order of protection against his ex-girlfriend. He saw the cops coming and took off, running toward a giant corn maze. It was actually pretty smart. It's a giant four acre corn maze with 10 foot tall stalks of corn so police had quite a bit of searching to do. They put officers at each entrance and exit and then sent teams in to search.

After about two hours, they called a helicopter to search from above and it was at that point they realized he wasn't in the corn maze. He was actually hiding in a chicken coop nearby. He was arrested.

Finally, a man named Billy Bob got drunk and landed in jail. He was on parole and recently decided to turn himself in for violating it. He figured if he didn't, then there would be a warrant out for his arrest. There's no word on what he did, but he was nervous about turning himself in.

So he got drunk. He chugged seven Budweisers and then went to the police department, But it turns out, there was no warrant for his arrest. Except for the fact that he was so drunk that he was a danger to himself and others, so they arrested him for public intoxication.

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