Stupid Criminals: Man Scales 12 Foot Wall Twice to Avoid Police, Fails

Police in Wilmington Delaware say a guy spotted someone struggling to carry a flat screen tv so he offered to help.As he was carrying it, he thought "gee, this looks an awful lot like my tv". So he returned and noticed his front door was open. After putting two and two together, he realized he helped a guy steal his own tv.

He called 911 and the guy was arrested.

A bouncer in Iowa had his wallet stolen a few weeks ago. Over the weekend. he was checking ID's at the door when he found himself looking at his own license.

Not only did he have the license, he also had backup ID, the bouncers debit car and a AAA card.

He's been charged with theft.

Finally in Maryland, a 56-year-old burglar was running from police. They caught him breaking into a house and as he ran from them, he scaled a 12 foot wall. But, then he came face to face with officers on the other side of the wall. So, he jumped back up and scaled the 12 foot wall again. Now, that's pretty impressive, but it was all really for nothing, since they caught him on the second dismount from the wall.

He's facing burglary and assault charges.

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