Happy Hour: Act of Kindness at Clifton Park Laundromat

Laundry drying, spinning in clothes dryer at laundromat

Laundry drying, spinning in clothes dryer at laundromat

Customers at The Spin Cycle Laundromat in Clifton Park found a surprise on the machines last week. A random act of kindness – a note and enough quarters for a load of wash and dryer time on a bunch of machines.

But, it was what the attached note said, that really touched people.

"You are receiving this act of kindness to honor a selfless person who donated his or her organs and provided a second chance, in the form of a double lung transplant, to someone I know. Please accept this act of kindness in memory of this hero and his or her family. Please consider organ donation"

Customers said they also got the chills, others were nearly brought to tears. One customer broke a $20 bill to put quarters back, to pay it forward again. Another woman wrote a note saying “Thank you for this blessing!”.

The customers all hope this inspires people to continue paying it forward. Owner Ryan Burns says a regular customer, who wished to stay anonymous, wanted to give back.

A 9-year-old boy in the U.K. has been teased mercilessly for his long hair for two years. He started growing it out and other kids at school were making fun of him, calling him a girl.

He finally told his mom why he was growing it out. He saw a show about kids with cancer. He learned how people grow their hair out to donate to programs like "Locks of love" here in the U.S. It's used to make wigs for patients who have lost their hair to chemo.

He finally went and had it cut and donated it all to a program called "The little princess trust charity".

It was his plan all along and he endured two years of being called a girl, just so he could help another child.

A woman recently went through a couple of life changing things in a matter of minutes. She is a mom of three and has been battling breast cancer. She recently went to the doctors and got a clean bill of health. She's been declared cancer free.

Just minutes after she came home with the great news, her husband walked in the door, with a winning lottery ticket. It was worth 1.28 million dollars.

She says the double whammy of good news immediately sent her into a two hour soak in the tub to recover.

As much as the couple is excited about their good fortune, the husband says finding out his wife is cancer free is worth more than all the money in the world.

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