Stupid Criminals: Man Tries Blowing Up Strip Club After Being Kicked Out

A man failed his drivers test 27 times and instead of finding out what he did wrong and hiring a driving school to help him, he hired instead two men to take the test for him. One man took the written test and the other took his road test. He paid them each $650.

The lookalike passed the road test, but the not-so-lookalike garnered suspicion while taking the written test. Eventually, it was discovered what they were doing and the guy who hired them is facing a bunch of fraud charges, and did not get a drivers license.

A driver in Utah hit a utility pole and left the whole vehicle behind. Police say a pickup truck hit a utility pole, snapped it in half and took off running, leaving the truck behind. Police and the news crews showed up. The news did live shots telling people to be on alert for the driver. A neighbor called 911 and directed them to her backyard where the woman had climbed up her tree and was trying to hide.

It was the driver and she has since been arrested.

A guy in Indiana was kicked out of a strip club for causing a disturbance. His response was to try and blow up the place. He was caught on security camera, putting a gas can underneath a gas meter, tying a shirt around the spigot of the gas can, taking a few drags of a cigarette, then flicking it at the gas can and running away.

Except, he didn't throw it close enough and it didn't ignite which is a good thing because there were about 50 people inside. He was charged with arson.

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