Parents Place Help Wanted Ad to Hire Nanny for Daughter in Law School

A couple of parents in Canada want to give their daughter the best college experience money can by while she studies law at the University of Leeds. Apparently, the stresses of college life, the “stress of laundry,” and her “intense schedule” have forced them to place an ad looking for a “nanny” to take care of their little girl’s needs while she focuses on her studies.

The post went up just a couple of days ago and makes it clear that the first-year student already has a “driver to pick up her groceries and drive her around.” However, the caring parents want to ensure she eats “three healthy meals a day” and sees to it the fridge is always filled with “healthy fruits, snacks, etc.”

There’s also cleaning involved with the position along with the cooking and stocking duties. As you might expect, the post hit social media and was instantly and appropriately roasted.

  • “Rich people are actually mental.”
  • “Meanwhile, half her classmates will be working two jobs to survive.”
  • “Seriously?! If she can’t look after herself as a student how the hell is she going to manage in the real world practicing law! I wouldn’t want her representing me!”

For those interested, this is a part-time gig with a negotiable hourly rate. Since the parents are obviously loaded…shoot for the stars!

Chuck and Kelly

Chuck and Kelly

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