Why Do People Go Barefoot on Airplanes?

It’s pretty apparent that folks will never learn how to be respectful of others while flying. In fact, the latest example of bad airline passenger behavior is just too gross to believe.

A person recently shared a video on the Passenger Shaming Instagram account showing someone’s barefoot resting on their armrest. The person captioned the video “So is hobbling still a thing?”

As you can imagine, plenty of people had opinions about this absolutely disgusting behavior, with one person noting, “Seriously, what grown adult does this with no remorse?”

Others suggested ways to get revenge., “Whoopsie my scalding hot coffee has been spilled all over what should be my armrest,” one person noted, while another added, “Is it a criminal offense for lopping off someone's foot on a plane?”

But at least one person stated the obvious, and that is why wouldn’t the person just speak up and tell the offender to move their foot. “The fact passengers won’t speak up is mind-boggling!” said one Instagram user. “I’ll be damned if a person ever has [their] foot up on my arm rest!”

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