Stupid Criminals: Drunk Man Crashes into Gas Pump on His Way to DWI Trial

In Mississippi, two men were arrested after trying to cash a doctored lottery ticket. They cut numbers from another ticket and super glued them onto theirs. They actually tried cashing it for $100,000. But instead of taking it to a store, they took it right to the lottery headquarters.

They are facing a whole bunch of charges.

A guy in Arizona was pulling into a gas station when he lost control of his mustang and crashed into a gas pump. It went up in flames as he tried to put it out by pouring a jug of water on it. When that didn't work, he took off. When police caught up with him, he was three times the legal limit. And... it turns out that when he was pulling into the gas station, he was on his way to a court appearance, for drunk driving.


A guy was driving drunk in Connecticut when another driver passed him, setting him into full on road rage.

He started tailing the other driver and wouldn't stop... even when the other driver turned into a police station parking lot. A cop told the first driver that it was a restricted area, but the driver told police that the guy behind him was road raging and following him.

That's when the guy in the truck hopped out, took off his shirt and was ready to rumble... right in front of the cop. The cop noticed he was slurring his words and got him a breathalizer. He blew a .23 which is about 3 times the legal limit. Since he was already at the police station, they took him inside and charged him.

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