Stupid Criminals: Broadalbin Man Makes Fake Inspection Sticker

We start this week with a local stupid criminal. Police say a man from Broadalbin got a ticket for driving an uninspected car. Then he was pulled over the next day. He had a sticker, but it was a homemade sticker.

Instead of going to get his car inspected, he did some arts and crafts.

He was ticketed again for driving an uninspected car and they tacked on charges for displaying a forged certificate.

Another driver from Montgomery County did the same thing back in May.

A couple of engineers in Kentucky were working on the brand new 2020 Chevy C-8 Corvette Stingray that goes into production next month and hasn't even been unveiled to the public yet.

Well, the two engineers decided it would be great fun to street race them outside the GM plant. After hours, they took two of the prototypes out and hit up to 120 miles per hour in a 45 mile per hour zone.

A cop caught them and to no ones surprise, they had also been drinking. They are charged with racing a motor vehicle on a public roadway and a few other things. There's no word if they are still employed by GM or not.


Finally, in Georgia, a guy broke into a tire store and just as he was about to try to teal them... he got trapped under a pile and couldn't get free. He had to call 911 on himself.

He was arrested for breaking and entering.

Chuck and Kelly

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