Kraft Wants To Help Parents “Get It On” on Valentine’s Day

Couple touching foreheads in bed

Parents know that celebrating Valentine’s Day when you have kids can be a challenge, but this year, Kraft is here to help. Their newest ad for their brand-new Macaroni & Cheese Big Bowls is all about the struggle that is trying to squeeze in some adult alone time when there are little ones in the house.

The Valentine’s Day-themed commercial shows a mom spending last year’s holiday with her kid in bed next to her snoozing partner, and she says, “But this year, nothing’s getting in the way of a little “horizontal refreshment.” Then she introduces the new Big Bowls of Kraft Mac & Cheese - which only take three-and-a-half minutes to make in the microwave - with the naughty slogan: “Get ‘em fed, get ‘em to bed, and get it on!”

The company is also doing a Kraft is for Lovers sweepstakes, where you can win one of the new Big Bowls, along with “some romantic goodies so you can get things nice and steamy out of the kitchen” this Valentine’s Day. And they say it’s “all in the spirit of getting the kids to bed and setting the mood.”

Photo: Getty Images

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