Stupid Criminals: Woman Tased Husband After He Asked for Divorce

A guy in Oregon came up with quite the plan to rob a drug house. He typed up a fake search warrant, then went to the house, flashed a fake badge and demanded to search the place. And while he was inside, he "seized" a bunch of heroin and meth. Apparently someone at the house recognized him... because he had bought drugs there before and they called the cops. Yes, someone at the drug house, called police to report someone was impersonating a police officer and stealing their heroin. He was arrested and police are now working on charges against the owners of the drug house.

Two guys were pulled over in Florida for speeding. There was a warrant out for one of them, so police searched the car. They found two bags and immediately thought they may contain drugs... because printed on each bag were the words "Bag full of drugs".

They are apparently makeup bags you can buy online and it's a joke. But, these guys kept actual drugs in them. Police found meth, fentanyl, GHB, cocaine and MDMA.

People who steal money from their employer usually do it in small batches over a long period of time, hoping that no one noticed. Well, a guy in New Jersey was hired to work at a gas station. On his first day, he stole $17,000 worth of stuff including lottery tickets, cash and 89 cartons of cigarettes.

Then he disappeared and didn't show up for work the next day. He was however smart enough to grab his work file before he left. So other than surveillance video, police don't have much to go on to track him down.

In Florida, a man told his wife that after 9 years of marriage, he wanted a divorce. She didn't take it well at all. She didn't cry though, she just took out a taser and zapped him. He's fine, but he called police and she is charged with domestic battery. Hmm, can't imagine why he wanted a divorce.

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