The Best FCC Complaints About The Super Bowl Halftime Show

Pepsi Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show

It’s been almost two weeks since Super Bowl 54 wrapped up. Somehow, there are still people who are finding time to complain about the halftime show with Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. Taken to another level, there were over 1,500 complaints about the show filed with the FCC about it. Here are some of the worst…or best… depending on your perspective on the matter:

  • “This year’s show was extremely provocative in the female body moments and the simulated patting of J-Lo’s derriere is not for family television.”(Poinciana, Florida)
  • “I was not prepared to explain to my 11-year-old daughter why J-Lo was dressed so scantily or why she kept grabbing her crotch.”(Issaquah, Washington).
  • “J-Lo had the American flag touch the ground. There should be millions of dollars in fines.”(Grovertown, Indiana)
  • “The halftime show was beyond inappropriate. Shakira laying on her side gyrating like sex, Lopez on a stripper pole and bending over to expose her butt crack, both performers grabbing their vaginas, Shakira grinding her butt against some tin foil-wearing man’s penis. This was incredibly offensive. My children were watching.”(Madison, Mississippi)
  • “The close-ups of J-Lo’s vagina and anus were yucky. There was a stripper pole and a simulated orgy.”(Henrico, Virginia)
  • “SHAME on FOX. SHAME on the NFL. SHAME on the FCC if you refuse to act on the egregious display of a Roman Colosseum-style orgy for the masses.”

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