Stupid Criminals: Man Returns Stolen Artifact to Clear Conscience

Photo: Getty Images

A guy in Israel stole a 2,000 year old ancient artifact from a national park. It was a stone... that he stole... when he was a kid 15 years ago.

He just decided that it was time to return it. He gave it to a middleman who agreed not to share his identity. The middle man returned it for him. But why, after all this time did he want to return it?

He said he wanted to "Clear his conscience, because the end of the world is near."

So in other words, the guy returned a 2,000 year old stolen artifact, because of the coronavirus.

In New Mexico, police were investigating a burglary last week, when a guy walked up to them and admitted that he had stolen two tv's from the house. Turns out... he was really, really drunk and had no memory of what happened. Until he woke up with 2 tv's in his room. He now has a clean conscience, but a police record.

In New Jersey, two women were in line at the grocery store, when one called the other out for having too many items in the express lane. It escalated quickly and they started throwing punches at each other. A third woman ended up getting hit when she tried to break it up.

Both women were charged with assault and that surveillance video could probably be submitted as an audition tape if they ever bring back Jersey Shore.

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