Stupid Criminals: Licking Criminal With Face Tattoos Arrested Again

On mother's day in Texas, a group of people gathered at a cemetery to watch a military flyover honoring World War 2 veterans. A woman in a minivan got tired of waiting, but because of all the cars, she couldn't get out. So, despite being in a cemetery, she pulled up on the curb and started driving over the grass and the graves to make her way out. Several people tried to get in front of her to stop her, but ended up jumping out of the way because she wasn't stopping. She ended up running over dozens of graves before finally getting out of the cemetery. Police don't know who she is yet, but it was all caught on camera.

A woman in California was sick of porch pirates stealing boxes from her porch so she decided to take matters into her own hands. She had been trying to catch the person for a while. She even asked for advice on social media about what she should do. Well, she came up with an evil genius idea. She emptied her cat's litter box into a box, sealed it up and left it on her porch. Sure enough, the porch pirate showed up, swiped the package and took off.

And finally, a guy with a face full of tattoos and a history of face licking has been arrested again.

In 2016, a guy in Oregon made Stupid Criminals when he was arrested for vandalizing cars, licking a persons face and trying to bite a cop. Well, he's at it again. Police got a call about a break in at a snack shack. They found the same guy, in the stockroom. He had his hand in his jacket and threatened to shoot them. So, they tased him and he's back in jail.

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