Stupid Criminals: Drunk Driver Hits Stop Sign, Pulled Over Missing Tire

This week's first criminal comes from right here in the capital region. Police say they got a complaint from a driver on blue barns road in Clifton Park abut an erratic driver. The caller continued to follow the car, which was spiking from a front tire as it drove along. Sheriff's Deputies stopped the car in the town of Ballston. The driver had been drinking and was driving without a front tire.

The car had also hit a stop sign in Niskayuna. It's unclear how he lost the tire but Niskayuna police said he left the scene... with the stop sign. He's now facing charges in both towns.

A guy in Pennsylvania was stopped by police and discovered that he was driving with a suspended license. The license has been suspended since 1998 and has been suspended 8 times since then.

So, when you add it all up, with the penalties, the guy now has his license suspended until 2076.

Finally, a Florida woman is facing charges for assaulting her boyfriend with pizza.

Her boyfriend decided to make a pizza around 3 am, while his girlfriend was sleeping on the couch. She woke up, discovered he was making pizza without her and freaked out. She walked to the oven, took the pizza out, threw it at him and burned his hand.

Police showed up, saw the burn and some sauce on his leg and was arrested the girlfriend for assault by pizza.

It was then discovered that the boyfriend was wanted in Colorado for selling drugs. So, he's in jail too.

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