Stupid Criminals: Man Tries to Avoid Arrest By Doing Cartwheels

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Police in Florida got a call about a guy who was blocking traffic... by doing cartwheels in the street. When police came, they tried to arrest him, but he managed to escape, by doing more cartwheels. Unfortunately, they grabbed him again and were able to arrest him.

An 18 year old Amish guy was arrested in Panama, New York for driving his horse and buggy while drunk. Police say he ran a stop sign and crashed. Even though, he wasn't driving a car, it's still drunken driving, so he's facing a ton of alcohol related charges and because a horse was involved, also animal cruelty charges.

A couple in Massachusetts was out walking their dog around 6:30 AM, naked. A few people saw them and called police. When they arrived, the couple was still naked. But, they took off running. Officers did catch up to them and the couple started fighting and resisting arrest.

In Pennsylvania, a man and a woman broke into a house and attempted to rob it. Six people live there and the couple thought they were at the airport. But, they were wrong. When they discovered that people were actually home, they decided to improvise and tie them up. But, they had nothing to tie them up with, so the woman took off her bra and used that.But, it wasn't very effective and the person managed to escape fairly easily. They called the police and the intruders were arrested.

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