Stupid Criminals: Drunk Driver Crashes Into "Drive Sober" Sign

In Florida a man was arrested on the street when he was involved in a fist fight with his brother. When police arrested him, they found four bags of marijuana and ecstasy on him.

But, he had a perfectly believable explanation. He said they weren't his drugs. They weren't even his pants. A total stranger had been walking by and handed him the pants. And he put them on and then got arrested. For some crazy reason, police didn't believe him, and he's facing assault and drug charges.

Another story of some missing pants. In Oklahoma City, a 61 year old man showed up at a taco bell drive thru... naked. They ended up filling his order anyway, hoping he would leave. But he didn't. He even ordered one more taco. They gave that to him too. Then he kept coming back. Asking for hot sauce... then napkins... and then he came back again and asked for *more* sauce, and that's when workers called police.

He told police that all of his clothes were in the wash, and he was hungry for lunch so he hopped in the car anyway... And he also didn't know it was illegal to drive naked. He was arrested anyway.

In Pennsylvania, a man needed to get from there, to his home in New York which was about a 275 mile drive.  So instead of taking a bus, renting a car, or taking an Uber, this guy decided to steal a school bus.

The next day, someone in New York called police to report that they woke up to a school bus parked on their property with Pennsylvania plates and they knew nothing about it. Well, police in NY were able to match it with a stolen bus in Pennsylvania, and somehow tied it to the guy who is now charged with possession of stolen property.

And finally, in Florida, a guy was driving drunk, and talking on the phone with a friend, when he crashed into a sign. Police arrived and found the sign knocked down and a big dent in the car. He blew twice the legal limit, and was arrested for DUI.

And the best part... The sign he ran into said "Drive sober or get pulled over".

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