Happy Hour: Woman Makes "Welcome Home" Blankets for Cats

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"Bella's Blankets" was founded by Kimberley Jackson after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. Jackson wanted to give back to both the community and what the animals she truly loves, so she makes blankets for kitties who need them most:

I was at my worst,” founder Kimberley Jackson said. “Never thinking that I would have the energy to do something like this.”For both cats and dogs, Jackson's hoping to provide a secure, “Welcome home!” feeling, for animals who have just been rescued.

Jackson says "Bella's Blankets" has been a godsend for her, great for the animals and can be a lesson for us all.

Readers Digest has just come out with their list of the nicest places in America. They received 17-hundred nominations and it turns out the top city is Buchanan, Michigan. During the pandemic, they have found was to support every member of their community and after their Memorial Day parade was canceled, they found a way to unite and hang banners honoring their local veterans.  

Other winning cities included Anchorage, for their homeless outreach, Minnesota, where a local restaurant always makes extra pasta to feed hungry kids for free, Springfield, Mass where a Jewish ham lady teams up with a priest to make Easter happen every year and North Carolina where a bar called "Dirtbag Ales" gives free beer to quarantined troops.

Finally, for the last 60 years, a Rochester man has been trying to locate his big brother. Don and Bruce Crawford ended up in foster care as kids, and were adopted by different families. Don has spent most of his adult life looking for his brother. They last saw each other when they were 7 and 8. He had just about given up, until he picked up the phone one day and a woman on the other line said "I think you're my father's brother". Turns out, Bruce had been looking for Don too. They finally made plans to reconnect after all of these years. And it was a very emotional reunion for both of them.